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When am I going to stop feeling ropey? I am done with all-the-live-long-day sickness now - I just want to feel well again.  Nothing I eat seems to quell the quease, and drinking seems to exacerbate it, if anything.

Which brings me on to my next waaaah.  I can't seem to knock back enough fluids, despite having vastly upped my intake lately.  I always feel dehydrated, that horrible, sicky, headachey, wobbly legs feeling, even if my wee is nice and clear.

UGH!  This happened last time, if I recall, and I got bitched at by the midwife for not drinking enough.  

If this continues, we may well stop at two, which to be honest will make things easier in terms of having a house (can always stick with 3 bedrooms) and a car (won't need a massive car), because fuck if I want to go through all this again.  I am a little saddened by that thought, however, since I love the thought of having a lot of little nippers running about.  We'll see.  If we do decide to have more, there will definitely be a bigger age gap.

Otherwise things are going okay as far as I can tell.  I have only gained 1lb, and there is nothing to be seen yet.  My jeans feel too tight and I can't bear the thought of wearing jeggings anymore, so tomorrow I'm heading to New Look to get some leggings and maybe a couple of long tops.  Hello comfort, I can tell we're going to be BFFs. 

Oh, and I have turned into a lazy bitch.  I absolutely can't be bothered to do anything, and Ross has picked up the slack for me.  This is definitely why I married him.  He's been cooking dinner, mainly for him and Roo since I don't really feel like doing much other than noodles (mmmmm ramen), picky things and toast.  He's also usually doing Roo's night time routine, the washing up, and he hasn't complained when all I want to do is sleep.  He's really quite the diamond. 

Oh well, I'm 10 weeks I think (you know it's not your first pregnancy when you can't be arsed to remember your dates or take belly photos) so fingers crossed not too much longer of feeling like this.  


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Aug. 3rd, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
haha, love the tags!

i'm at the 'no matter now horrible the first tri can be, i'm still broooooooooody' and only having a baby will fix that!

having said that hope you feel better soon! xxx
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