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five month update

Next week, Ruby is 5 months old. In that five months, she has:

1) Learnt to smile and giggle.
2) More than doubled her birthweight.
3) Realised that she loves her door bouncer, and her playgym.
4) Decided that she can't be bothered to roll over, although I know she's done it a couple of times.
5) Slept through the night.
6) Woken up numerous times for feeds (more so lately)
7) Started to teethe, though I think it will be a while until one actually pops through her gums.
8) Found her squeal, and does she ever squeal?! Lord!
9) Become very curious about things she can't have (my phone, my mac, the TV remote etc etc)
10) Sat up, like a big strong girl
11) Realised that dummies are actually very comforting
12) Learnt to take a bottle
13) Eaten solid food
14) fallen in love with the cat, and her soft toys.
15) Decided that baths can be miles of fun.
16) Got better and better at tummy time, though you have to catch her in a good mood.
17) Learnt the art of manipulation.
18) Found her toes and her fingers
19) Pooped in the bath
20) Settled herself to sleep (but not very often)

We started giving her tastes of solid food two weeks ago and she loves it. She prefers fruit to veggies and has a fruit or vegetable puree every lunchtime either on it's own or mixed with rice cereal and milk, as well as all her usual milk feeds. I am still nursing and pumping milk so Ross can feed her, and I have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

6022 ruby loves carrot...