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so i don't freak out another time..

If, on the offchance, Ross and I decide that we simply must have more than two children, which, now I'm not feeling like a dead piece of death all the time, is definitely more likely, I want to remember the following piece of information:

I started to feel Baby Chapman #2 at 18w3d.  That was the first time I felt little kicks and anything before that was just wind.

things are looking up!

Sixteen weeks and change, and I feel much much better - something I know you'll all be very glad to hear.

And in the six weeks since I moaned about feeling crap, I've moved house, had no internet or phoneline at home to speak of (still don't, but to be rectified as soon as we get home from Italy), changed doctors and got confused about my antenatal care down here, put on at least 5lbs (boo to THAT!) and got the teeniest weeniest little bump ever.  When I was sixteen weeks with Ruby, I was already looking somewhat whalesque so it's quite pleasant.  

I now know FOR SURE that the reason I was showing so early with Ruby was 100% down to the cheesecake I ate a lot of and not the tiny growing foetus inside mah belleh, even though I argued until I was blue in the face that it was allll baby in there.


Although, some people clearly think I am showing a lot.  On Saturday Ross took me out to buy some maternity clothes.  The following exchange was had in New Look as I was paying for my long (and vastly overpriced) T shirts:

Saleslady, peeking over the desk: Ooooooh not long to go then?
Me: Err.... Yeah quite a while actually.  I'm not due until March.
Saleslady, looking embarrassed: Oh, not your first baby then?
Me, actually mortified, and all of a sudden feeling very very large: Uh, I have a toddler...
Saleslady: I can't believe you're only 4 months and showing like that.

Stop talking! Stop talking now. STOP TALKING!

Me: Yes.  Well.  Can I have the receipt in the bag, please? 

And then I scuttled off back over to Ross.  Shut the fuck up, lady.
When am I going to stop feeling ropey? I am done with all-the-live-long-day sickness now - I just want to feel well again.  Nothing I eat seems to quell the quease, and drinking seems to exacerbate it, if anything.

Which brings me on to my next waaaah.  I can't seem to knock back enough fluids, despite having vastly upped my intake lately.  I always feel dehydrated, that horrible, sicky, headachey, wobbly legs feeling, even if my wee is nice and clear.

UGH!  This happened last time, if I recall, and I got bitched at by the midwife for not drinking enough.  

If this continues, we may well stop at two, which to be honest will make things easier in terms of having a house (can always stick with 3 bedrooms) and a car (won't need a massive car), because fuck if I want to go through all this again.  I am a little saddened by that thought, however, since I love the thought of having a lot of little nippers running about.  We'll see.  If we do decide to have more, there will definitely be a bigger age gap.

Otherwise things are going okay as far as I can tell.  I have only gained 1lb, and there is nothing to be seen yet.  My jeans feel too tight and I can't bear the thought of wearing jeggings anymore, so tomorrow I'm heading to New Look to get some leggings and maybe a couple of long tops.  Hello comfort, I can tell we're going to be BFFs. 

Oh, and I have turned into a lazy bitch.  I absolutely can't be bothered to do anything, and Ross has picked up the slack for me.  This is definitely why I married him.  He's been cooking dinner, mainly for him and Roo since I don't really feel like doing much other than noodles (mmmmm ramen), picky things and toast.  He's also usually doing Roo's night time routine, the washing up, and he hasn't complained when all I want to do is sleep.  He's really quite the diamond. 

Oh well, I'm 10 weeks I think (you know it's not your first pregnancy when you can't be arsed to remember your dates or take belly photos) so fingers crossed not too much longer of feeling like this.  
It's not just the morning.  It's all the bloody time at the moment.  Everything seems to set it off; the heat, being hungry, being full up, smells... It doesn't help that I have a nose like a bloodhound (did last time around, too) so everything smells so much stronger.  Ross had a glass of beer the other night, and I could smell it from the other side of the room.  It did not smell good.

Yesterday, I went to open a packet of sugar to refill the sugar jar, and the sickly sweet smell had me retching.  

Things I have aversions to:

- Beetroot *gags*
- Salad *gags* I am quite gutted about that, I do like a nice fresh salad, but.... *gags* 
- Raw meat and fish of any type.  This brings on a bout of the sickness quicker than downing salty water. 
- Alcohol.  Not that I've been really partaking.  I had a hugely hugely watered down caipirinha and one sip of a very very spritzed glass of wine last night before moving very swiftly on to the soft drinks... and this was my hen night after all, hence the watered down cocktail in the first place.
- Boiled eggs.  I can't think of anything more vile than boiled egg whites these days
- Diet Coke.  I am a sad panda.  Diet Coke is my all time very best beverage.  Not any more. 

Things I can't get enough of:

- Water.  Preferably with a lot of ice.  And maybe a splash of orange squash (cordial I guess to you American types) 
- Vegetables, with delicious delicious salt and pepper liberally added, and maybe a little knob of butter.
- Fruit.  Especially melon.  Hell to the YES!  
- Pasta.  All types.

I do hope this stops relatively soon.  It really is very unpleasant. 

here we go again

Right, so.... I'm doing the whole having a baby thing again.  As it stands Baby Chapman #2 is due in early March 2011.  

I am determined to look after myself better this time around, and not gain as much weight as I did with my little Roo, because, looking back, I can see now there was no need for 90% of my gluttony.  Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?

That, and it taking the best part of two years to drop my baby weight, and get back into my nice clothes. 

Right now, at 6 weeks pregnant, I am 9stone 13lbs.  I eat better than I did last time, and I am running around after a toddler all day every day.

This already bodes well.  

I am looking forward to all the lovely little things I will get to experience again; the scans and the bubbles that turn into kicks and hearing a rapid little heartbeat over a fetal doppler.  I am not looking forward to the debilitating SPD, tiny growing feet and hands jabbing on a cervix, waking up in the night to pee, waking up in the night to contractions.

And I am not thinking about the birth at all (because now that I have to do it again, the memory of the pain is coming back), aside from that I am going to ask for a home birth this time around.  And if I bottle out, which is very possible, then I want to be at a birth centre.

There are things we are going to do differently this time around.  We're not, for example, going to tell anyone the name, I am going to make a bigger effort to babywear, and I am going to treat my bad self to a pregnancy pillow which will definitely help with the impending SPD.  

It's amazing.  You'd never know I was having a baby to look at me.  But it's always there, at the back of my mind.  There is a tiny embryo inside me, growing, developing.  All it's genetics already decided, right down to hair and eye colour, how it's fingerprints are going to be, whether it's a boy or a girl. 

So please stick little embryo, we'd very much like to meet you next Spring.  You'd be a beautiful addition to our family, and we want you so very much.

why hello there, tiny tooth

it's ever so nice to *finally* meet you after all these weeks.

(I can't believe my baby's toothless days are over)

And so I remember, Ruby's first tooth, her left central bottom incisor, cut on 12th December 2008, exacty six months and two weeks after her birth.

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five month update

Next week, Ruby is 5 months old. In that five months, she has:

1) Learnt to smile and giggle.
2) More than doubled her birthweight.
3) Realised that she loves her door bouncer, and her playgym.
4) Decided that she can't be bothered to roll over, although I know she's done it a couple of times.
5) Slept through the night.
6) Woken up numerous times for feeds (more so lately)
7) Started to teethe, though I think it will be a while until one actually pops through her gums.
8) Found her squeal, and does she ever squeal?! Lord!
9) Become very curious about things she can't have (my phone, my mac, the TV remote etc etc)
10) Sat up, like a big strong girl
11) Realised that dummies are actually very comforting
12) Learnt to take a bottle
13) Eaten solid food
14) fallen in love with the cat, and her soft toys.
15) Decided that baths can be miles of fun.
16) Got better and better at tummy time, though you have to catch her in a good mood.
17) Learnt the art of manipulation.
18) Found her toes and her fingers
19) Pooped in the bath
20) Settled herself to sleep (but not very often)

We started giving her tastes of solid food two weeks ago and she loves it. She prefers fruit to veggies and has a fruit or vegetable puree every lunchtime either on it's own or mixed with rice cereal and milk, as well as all her usual milk feeds. I am still nursing and pumping milk so Ross can feed her, and I have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

6022 ruby loves carrot...

7 weeks

I can't believe my little baby girl is 7 weeks old on Wednesday. Where is the time going? She's definitely not a newborn anymore.

It's been a little while since I posted here, so here is a rundown of what has been happening:

1) She has grown so much already, and last time she was weighed, came in at 9lbs12oz.

2) Last night she slept for just under 5 hours, which is a record.

5320 baby cousins

3) Here she is playing with her cousin Darcy on a playgym. She had such fun on it that as soon as we got home, I ordered one for her.

4) Next week she has her first round of immunizations, so I am preparing myself for a very grumpy baby.

5) She started smiling properly last week. It melts my heart, she has such a pretty wide smile. She looks so happy when she does it.

6) We started using cloth nappies, and I much prefer them to disposables. Her tiny behind is much less red.

7) I am already dreaming about number 2... but there is no point in seriously entertaining that idea for another 18 months or so. My body, and our finances couldn't take it at the moment.


we were discharged from the care of the midwives today.

Since the last visit Ruby has gained over 10oz, bringing her up to a whopping 7lbs15oz and the midwife who visited today said she is doing well.



five days old

So I guess now this blog is going to be about Ruby's development as a whole new independent being from me because I don't really feel like ending it. To be honest I am a little sad about not being pregnant anymore. I didn't ever think I'd miss it, but I really do.

Anyway, Ruby is doing really well! We had a midwife visit this afternoon where they did the heel prick test, and weighed her.

She has only lost 100g since birth, which is only a third of what she could have lost before anyone started to worry. I am putting it down to all the nursing we have been doing, especially since I turned into a human dairy yesterday morning. She latches on like a champ! I think she has hollow legs!

Her cord stump fell off this afternoon as well. I am glad about that because it was gross.

I am also getting back to normal. Yesterday we took Ruby out of the house for the first time since we got back from the hospital, and walked over to Mum's with her in her brandy-spanks beautiful pram. The fifteen minute walk took at least double that and it wore me out beyond belief. To be fair it was the first time I'd been out as well, and since being back I have been taking it easy because I am scared of my stitches, so perhaps that was a little ambitious. I had to get Ross to push her on the way home because I couldn't manage the pram and the large hill we had to walk up.

I think if I do a bit of walking with the pram each day, I should be well on the road to recovery nice and quickly.